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George Shinney

New York, USA

August 10, 2006



Dear Oksana,

Thank you again for the superb service you have provided me now three times over the past few years.  The apartments you offer are clean and always better than they appear in the photos.  I'm thrilled I found your service and know that I can count on you.  It's a great feeling when traveling to another country, especially where I don't speak the language. Please keep up the good work and I will hopefully see you again sooner rather than later.



Paul Borenstein


September 14,2006

Dear Oksana,
I just want to thank you and your staff for all your help during our stay in St. Petersburg from August 26 to September 12, 2006. My wife and I really enjoyed staying at the Nevski 64 small studio apartment: the location was perfect, the apartment itself was very clean and comfortable, and the Wi-Fi Internet worked great.
You are welcome to list my e-mail address as a client reference. I would be happy to pass along my experiences to anybody that asks.
Paul Borenstein



Fischer Cyril

September 3, 2006

email available upon request


Hello Oksana,

this mail just to thank you, for your professional attitude and your efficiancy, please thanks all of the young persons, in your staff who helped us.
if we will go back to st. petersbourg, one day, I wouldn't hesitate to rent, one more time, an appartment at your agency.

here a text, in french, to put on your internet site, for your "futur" french customers. ;)

and we wish you, all the best for your business.

Fischer Cyril.

french text :

j'ai écris un mail à l'agence pour les remercier, et j'ai joint ce texte en francais pour que les lecteurs de langue francaise puisse aussi profiter de leur professionalisme et de leur efficacité.

en fait je suis vraiment content d'etre tombé sur cette agence pour mon 1er voyage à st. petesbourg.
st. petersburg peut etre une ville difficile pour qui ne parle pas le russe, et le fait de ne pas avoir de soucis coté logement nous a beaucoup soulagé, ma femme et moi, pour notre sejour labas.
c'est pourquoi je tenais à remercier l'agence d'oksana.

les appartements sont bel et bien comme sur les photos, propres, très bien situé.
aucuns problemes de dernière minute, pas de mauvaises surprises.
tout c'est passé, avec l'agence, tel que cela avait été convenu, et dans un soucis constant que l'ont se sente bien.
si je retourne à st. petersbourg je repasserais sans aucunes hesitations, par cette agence et je vous la recommande vivement.

Fischer Cyril.


David Flood

Richmond, Virginia - USA

March 1, 2006


Dear Oksana and Company,

I have been traveling to Russia for my business for almost 8 years now. I have used dozens of apartment services, stayed at too many hotels, some good, most bad, and feel qualified to offer my opinions. You offer the most reliable, friendly, and value orientated lodging service I have had the pleasure of experiencing. It always begins with your straight forward answers to my inquiries. Sometimes your comments are so brutally honest, I want to offer you advice on how to make things sound better, but then I realize that you know exactly what you are doing. You tell the truth and you build loyal clients like myself because of it. Between your straight forward answers, your real photos, your clearly stated pricing (unlike many of your competitors), I always feel that I know exactly what I am getting in advance. And better yet, you have continued to deliver everything I have anticipated for over a year that we have done business together. No matter who I work with from your company, my experiences are always positive. Keep up the great work!

You are welcome to list my e-mail address as a client reference. I would be happy to pass along my experiences to anybody that asks.

With great respect,

David Flood


Brad Sharp

Ohio, USA

April 4,2005


From a website discussion forum (reposted with e-mail address by permission of author)

Subject: Excellent St. Petersburg Accommodations

 I wanted to take a few moments and STRONGLY  recommend the services of Oksana Gumenyuk, and her husband Chuck Rodgers for your apartment and  transportation needs while visiting St. Petersburg.

I first met Chuck when he first traveled to Moscow in 1999 and have stayed in touch with him intermittently.  Chuck has stayed in Russia and made it  his home.  He met a wonderful lady in Oksana and they've developed a very classy apartment rental and services business  for visitors coming to St. Petersburg.   

 The web address is:

 Our family stayed in one of Oksana's apartments in late June 2004 during our visit to Peter. It was obviously a previous 4 family communulka that has now been made into one very large apartment.  I would guess  it is over 2000 square feet.  Two HUGE bedrooms, a modern kitchen and a bathroom with two showers, sauna, washer and dryer.   Less than a  minute walk to Nevsky Prospect and a Metro Station.

  Here is the link where you can see this   apartment:

 The place was absolutely the most luxurious,  modern, spacious and comfortable apartment  I've ever stayed in during my 10 visits to  Russia.  The price was not cheap but extraordinarily fair considering the time of  year, amenities and location.  I can't say enough about the service and attention these two offer. 




Cor D. Feijten


March 7, 2005

e-mail available upon request


Thank you for all your help and advise during my first trip to Saint Petersburg. I was very impressed of your sincere, professional and personal involvement. You exceeded my expectations and made my stay in SPb very smooth and un-complicated.
My girl friend Elya also appreciated your help. She was glad she could pick me up (together with Faina who didn't had to use the notice board) from the airport and could accompany me to the apartment.
The apartment I stayed in was excellent and more than convenient. Also perfectly situated almost at the center of Nevski Prospect.
I surely will contact you for my next trip. If anyone needs any inquiry, please feel free to give my e-mail address.
I certainly will recommend you!
Again my gratitude also on behalf of my girlfriend.
With Regards,



Michael Taylor


February 24, 2005

e-mail available upon request



I am sorry to have been so long getting back to you.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated everything you did for me and my son during our stay in ST. Petersburg.  The apartment was wonderful in every way.  Faina is so very sweet and she handled everything for us with a true professionalism.  I might mention that she is very beautiful too.  From the start of my planning this excursion to the very end I must say that you have been so helpful and your services are the best anywhere.  I will recommend you to all of my friends that are traveling to St. Petersburg.  The city was beautiful even in Winter, the people were warm and very friendly, the accommodations were superb and the trip was a wonderful positive memory for my son and myself.  I wish you continued success and I will be calling you again soon as I plan to return later in the year.  If anyone asks for a personal recommendation, please give them my name and number.

Again thanks,

Michael and Pasha Taylor


Phillip F. Tew


July 4, 2004




Just a short email to let you know we had a wonderful time in St Petersburg and to thank you and your staff for making our stay all the more pleasurable.

The accommodation you provided for was exactly what we needed, close to all the major attractions and very comfortable. It certainly made our stay all the more comfortable, as with all the walking we did we were very tired after a few days and  we were very glad our apartment was close by after a long days exploration.

My wife and I enjoyed St Petersburg and it’s people, thank you very much for providing us with a first class service.  

All the best,




Melissa Masters-Skidmore

Rochester, NY - USA

June 15, 2004

email available upon request

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help.  In the 4 trips we have booked to St. Pete everything has gone so smoothly.  Your staff is always on time and extremely helpful.   It is great to have such a reliable and honest resource in St. Petersburg.  Thank you again!

Bruce Harris

Austin, Texas - USA

May 15, 2004

e-mail available upon request



We stayed at the Nevsky88 apartments twice while adopting our beautiful daughter from St. Petersburg. The accommodations were excellent as was the service. Someone was always there to meet us and answer our questions immediately. Oksana worked with us and our ever changing adoption schedule which helped make both our trips and unforgettable experience. After hearing how nice our accommodations were in, the other couples we met in Moscow wished they had stayed where we did.






Michael Sossie

Salem, Oregon - USA

January 19, 2004



Hello Oksana,

I would like to thank you for all your help when I visit Saint Petersburg. It is VERY comforting to have someone like you to work with. In this world of hidden charges and false promises, you stand out as a reliable, honest and resourceful business lady! Please feel free to post this letter on your site. My email address is

Anyone who is thinking of visiting Saint Petersburg is welcome to contact me about my experiences with you. The rooms are immaculate and they are very comfortable. The rates are extremely reasonable. You have never surprised me with hidden charges and you always reply to emails/questions quickly and professionally! You have proven to be the only point of contact I need in Saint Petersburg. I am not surprised to see that your is business thriving!

Thanks again,



Harold Wilson

San Diego, California - USA

January 12, 2004

e-mail available upon request

Thank you, for all your help, and to anyone that may read this I can not say enough good things about Oksana and her staff, one thing you will find is Oksana always gets back to you right away with answers, even when she was on holiday she answered my emails. I may not have put all of her services to the test but the ones I used all were done in a very professional way from the apartment rental to transportation to flowers. Please feel free to contact me at from San Diego Ca. Thank You,







Michael Speers

Barrie, Ontario - Canada

January 10, 2004




 Thank you for providing such excellent accommodation in Saint Petersburg, I found our apartment to be most satisfactory and the cost very reasonable. In addition the pick up from the train station was extremely helpful as well as your assistance with my personal "crisis" I will most certainly be utilizing your services again when I return, and would recommend them to anyone in need of accommodation in Saint Petersburg.

Thank you again,

Michael Speers

Chris Lucy


December 31, 2003


Dear Oksana, Chuck and Faina,

Thank you so much for your hospitality - had a wonderful few days in St Petersburg - will definitely recommend your apartments to anyone who wishes to see your fantastic city. Have a Happy New Year and maybe see you again one day,












Jos Vercammen


October 25, 2003


My stay in Saint-Petersburg was great. I had a good time, too short, but I really enjoyed.
I will never regret that I used your service and cancelled my hotel reservations and rented an apartment. I hope to come back to Saint-Petersburg in July or august, and I know that I will use your service again. I will recommend you to my family and friends who plan to visit St. Petersburg. You may give my name and email address, to anyone that would like a reference for you and your services.

Thanks once more for your assistance and help, Jos

Paul Thomson


October 15, 2003



Dear Oksana & Faina

Arrived back in the UK safely, I wanted to thank you for your kind level of service whilst in St Petersburg. The apartment was nice and clean, and I was pleasantly surprised with my arrival gift of some groceries and water. I look forward to using your services the next time that I am in St Petersburg.

Kind regards,







Donald Lange


September 15, 2003



I feel compelled to take the time to write this extremely complimentary note regarding the quality of the operation which Oksana and Chuck run in St. Petersburg. If you are going to St. Petersburg and are anything less than 100% confident in navigating totally on your own, then you will not regret taking advantage of the services offered by Oksana. I typically read testimonials such as this and am suspect of their originality, but I hope this strong recommendation helps others overcome there reservations. Her services were punctually reliable, pleasant, and reasonably priced. And DON'T OVERLOOK their recently remodeled apartments on 88 Nevsky Prospect: Beautifully new and clean, at a great location. (My only fear is that they will be in such demand as to infer with my future intentions to return.) The inexpensive maid service on site is time I'll bring only one-third as many clothes! If you have questions, I don't mind writing you a brief email in response. Don Lange:

Thanks again, Oksana and Chuck. I look forward to returning. Not to take away from your business....but I'm thinking of spending a few days in Moscow in December. Do you have any contacts there that operate on the same high quality basis as you two??

Thanks, Don Lange






Rachel & Zohar Cohen


August 6, 2003



We had tickets and visa to Russia, and a hotel booked in St.Petersburg, weeks in advance on July 2003, the year of the 300th
birthday of the city. Five days before our flight, the hotel cancelled our reservation, our travel agent found nothing, and told me to try the internet myself. I was impressed by Oksana's good and sensible website. She answered me immediately that it's really difficult to find a place, but not to despair, and ten minutes later she e-mailed me again that she found me an apartment. It was a great apartment and an excellent position. The pickup from and to the airport were perfect, both at unreasonable hours in the middle of the night.

Oksana didn't guide us herself, but gave us her very nice guide Faina. But for any arrangement, question and visa registration she was always available on the phone. I greatly admire the way she does her business, and recommend her to anyone, she added greatly to the enjoyment of this great city.

Rachel and Zohar Cohen, Israel







Stephen Crowe

Kentucky, USA

July 28, 2003



Privet and hello to you from hot and humid Western Kentucky ! I returned from St Petersburg just yesterday after twenty one days there.....

I recently engaged your agency to have your assistant, Faina, take me on a day tour to Pushkin and Pavlovsk. I should have engaged her for a week or more.....

Faina is a very young and lovely lady and very nice and easy to talk with. Her use of English was well controlled and very easy to understand. I enjoyed the hours with her from our meeting at 10:00 a.m. to our parting later that afternoon. She was punctual, cordial and very professional in every way, yet very personal as well.

I would highly recommend Faina to others seeking a tour in or about St Petersburg for her professionalism, her good sense of humor and her friendly nature.




Phillip Maclachlan


July 7, 2003




Hi Oksana,

Thank you for all of your help and the pics of Julia. The flowers are lovely. It is nice to know that there is someone in St Pete that offers such friendly service. I am sure that I will need your help in the future. Seeing the pics of Julia and her flowers makes it hard to wait three more weeks until I will be in St Pete with her!!!
Thanks again, Phil







Wyn Griffiths


February 18, 2003



Dear Oksana,

Firstly a huge thank you for making my stay in St Petersburg one I will not forget. I would like to say that I would have been lost in St. Petersburg without the help of you and your organization. You did everything that you said you would on your website, you were at arrivals at the airport to meet me and take me to the apartment, the apartment you organised for me was great and in a terrific position, you arranged some groceries for me, you helped me when I had problems and you were ALWAYS available at the end of a phone for any difficulties or questions I had at any time of the day or evening. The service level given was very professional and up to the standard of any country. I have no doubt that your organisation will continue it's success because of the service level you offer to visitors. I will be returning to Petersburg and would be unreservedly recommend your services to anyone who wishes to visit your city. In fact I would suggest that it is an essential service to employ. I can honestly state that if you are visiting St Petersburg you would be foolish NOT to use Oksana's for your stay.

Wyn Griffiths







Dr. Jarle Vaage


December 11, 2002




When somebody who does not speak Russian or even understand the Cyrillic alphabet gets off the plane in Russia, it is easy to feel a little lost. And you know there is a bunch of "taxi drivers" waiting to skin your wallet on the way to the center! However, there at the airport was Oksana with a big smile and her "Oksanamobile", and I knew everything would be OK when we were on our way to the apartment Oksana had arranged.

The apartment had been booked a few days before, and Oksana answered rapidly my initial e-mails, within hours the answers were in my computer, and within a day the apartment was booked. Once in St Petersburg she handled my visa registration and assisted me with all my smaller and stupid questions, errands, and "problems". Everything was handled efficiently and professionally, but with this charming touch of also being "a little personal". I felt I was assisted by somebody I would trust completely.

The apartment was absolutely perfect, great location and very nice. I genuinely enjoyed my stay, and in the end Oksana delivered me at the airport for my flight home.

Dear Oksana, I was in every way very happy with your services - you have made another faithful customer - I am looking forward "to do business" with you again!.







Ryan Newton

October 28, 2002

It is a rare and great pleasure to find someone as friendly, efficient and dedicated to her clients as you are. I had very little time to do so very much and needed to deal with someone who took the worry out of coming to a country that was totally unfamiliar to me. Your assistance and warm welcome will always be remembered. The apartment was wonderful and everything was done with ease and without complications. Your airport pickup and drop off of Lena and myself was right on time. Thank you for everything. You made the little time I got to spend with my Lena just that,, time spent with her. Thank You so much

Ryan Newton







Ed Roby

October 16, 2002



Dear Oksana
Thank you for all of your help during my recent trip to Saint Petersburg. I selected you because your web page gave the impression of sincere and personal involvement. I was correct, you exceeded my expectations and made the experience very smooth and un-complicated. My girl friend Elena also appreciated your help. I will contact you for my next trip.


Ed Roby

Allistair M


October 14, 2002

e-mail upon request


Oksana made all the arrangements and I found myself in a very smart apartment for less than half the price I would expect to pay for a hotel room in St Petersburg. (The hotels are good but not cheap). Oksana greeted me warmly at the airport, with supplies for the refrigerator - requested in advance - and assistance with phone cards, and took me to the apartment. Who needs a hotel? I even hooked up with Chuck, Oksana's boyfriend - for a brief introduction to St Petersburg nightlife. This can become highly addictive if you are a  heterosexual man.

Visa support, visa registration, paperwork for the lease of the apartment was all taken care of and I was left to get on with the business of my trip - and to relax.

This is a young woman with a clear idea of what visitors need and is a mine of information and advice. The added bonus of having an intelligent and charming driver on the airport run is also significant! Thoroughly recommended - thanks Oksana!

Alistair, England"








Jerry S.

Alabama, USA

October 7, 2002

e-mail upon request



I have arrived back in the United States, and wanted to thank you for all your help with the apartment and support services while I was in Petersburg. As you know I had been to Moscow before, but this was my first trip to Petersburg and the first time I stayed in an apartment. And therefore, I was very nervous about this trip, and appreciate you helping me with my many questions. It was reassuring that you met the plane, even through my flight was 1/2 hour early. When I cleared customs, there you were. You had obviously taken the time to find me a good apartment with a good landlady and I appreciate the help you gave me in securing a phone card, fan (since I arrived during a rare Petersburg heat wave), and cell phone. I also appreciate you being available to answer the questions that arose about where to go in Petersburg. Finally, I appreciated very much you taking my girlfriend (that I met on this trip) to the airport with me so that we could spend a last few minutes together, as well as then taking her home, so I did not have to find her a taxi at the airport. Again, thank you for patient understanding of my concerns in planning this trip and when I return to Petersburg (hopefully very soon) I will stay be in touch. If you are dealing with anyone else who has similar worries, please feel free to have them contact me for a reference on the quality of your services.

Best Wishes-J.S.








Dan Surman


September 29, 2002


I just want to thank you for the rental of your apartment and picking/taking Dina and myself to the Train Station in SPB. It was a pleasure to visit SPB and hope to get back there next year sometime.

Dan Surman








Mark Chamberlain


September 4, 2002

I used Oksanas services to rent an apartment and obtain the necessary visa for a visit to St. Petersburg in August of 2003. I found Oksana to be very responsive in answering my questions and she was very reliable. The quality of the apartment she suggested on Bolshaya Morskaya was better than I expected and the location couldn't be beat. Oksana is a true professionalthat delivers what she promises. Thanks again!



Russ Freeman

California, USA

August 8, 2002




Just a short note to say THANK YOU !!


Oksana, you are a very sweet young lady, your "extra" efforts an service were very much appreciated, you did make us feel at home in your city, besides being a great tour guide.

Take care, if you ever need something from USA, California just ask.

Russ Freeman







Jon Fenske

California, USA

July 11, 2002




Thank you so much for your excellent (beyond the call of duty) service in Saint Petersburg. It was nice to know that you were always there to help with any need. And you were always %100 prompt and reliable. It was also a pleasure getting to know you. You are one cool woman!

Best of luck,







John Kempa


July 9, 2002

I would like to thank Oksana for her professional and organized support for my just completed trip to Saint Petersburg; June 27th - July 4th . I was able to change my plans midway, Oksana made my first trip to Saint-Petersburg problem free and I plan to return in the future.

Thanks Again Oksana...John Kempa







John Ellison

London, England

May 15, 2002


I have visited SPb twice in the last 7 months and would unreservedly recommend Oksana to anyone thinking of coming to this wonderful city. At all times the service has been professional, thorough, and utterly reliable.

Oksana will meet you at the airport, drive you to the apartment, explain it all in as much or as little detail as you need, from the basics of how to unlock a Russian door, to the intricacies of registering a tourist visa.

She is always available on her mobile to answer even the simplest & most obvious of questions that you would not otherwise dare to ask. That is a comfort in a city were the street signs are written in Klingon!

And of course the apartments are such incredible value √ well equipped, safe, and very well located. If you feel the need to spend $400 a night in the Grand Hotel Europe, then shame on your lack of adventure.

There is no substitute for having access to someone who knows the city and the ways of the country as intimately as Oksana. Anyone who would like to know more please contact me on

I will be back in SPb very soon and Oksana will be my first email to arrange that stay. Thanks again Oksana :-)









Richard H.

Calinfornia, USA

March 13, 2002



Dear Oksana,

I’d like to thank you for making my trip to St. Petersburg and Russia a resounding success!

As I told you, I had two other visas to travel to Russia, but because of the normal concerns about traveling to Russia, I cancelled the trips. This time, I had the usual apprehension about the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, the hassles with customs and the difficulty in dealing with transportation into the city. However, after I discovered your service, I was totally comfortable and excited about my visit.

Of course, there were still small concerns with passport control and customs, but they turned out to be totally unfounded. I breezed through the airport and you were waiting for me with your bright smile. The transition from the airport to the waiting apartment that you had arranged was simple and your pre-arrival preparation made it very easy to assimilate into the Russian culture, i.e. money changing, telephone card, markets, directions, etc.

At the same time, during my stay, your assistance with registering my visa and purchasing an airline ticket to Moscow made normally challenging tasks very painless.

I only wish that you had been able to clone yourself for my visit to Moscow!

I plan on returning to St. Petersburg in mid-July for a week, so I will need your services again.